Solar Saves You Money at Work!

Control Your Costs and Increase Your Profitability!

Reduce or eliminate your energy bills by investing in solar power with a 3 to 5 year payback.

The new residential Federal incentive tax credit of 30% with no cap makes it the best time ever to purchase a solar electricity system for your home. State rebates are available and vary depending on your electrical service provider currently from 15 to 50%.

Commercial business owners don’t realize how many financial benefits are generated from an investment in solar power. You no longer have to be affected by increasing electrical costs of nearly 10% annually.

The commercial Federal Investment Tax Credit is 30% and is now available as a rebate within 90 days of installation. Expect a 4 to 5 year payback on commercial solar power investments. In addition to the Investment Tax Credit and MACRS 5-year Depreciation benefit, the 2008 Economic Stimulus Package contains a 50% Bonus Depreciation.

A solar electricity system installed on the roof of your building will reduce your energy bill. Reducing the cost of electricity, lowering your operating cost and increasing the value of your property.




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